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  • thatfangirlinwonderland:

    So I am kinda scrolling tumblr and fanfiction.net looking for Bethyl Smut
    Is That Weird?

  • thisdestroyedparadise:

    So in the normal day in the life of me, I was watching Zoey101 and I got curious on how they all looked now and I know the girl who played Zoey got pregnant and all but 




    What The


    Okay, what?

    Growing up is weird.

  • irenegus:

    When i’m on a diet and I see one of my friends eating a pizza. (Via buzzfeed)

  • kiaraboo17:

    What time is it? Weird Time!!!

  • gifs-from-mars:

    ahhhhhkkkk hand face hand face ocean

  • yourdearcharity:

    Kitty’s powaH.